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I-SMTP: SMTP email server to send mass emails 100% free in india.

You realize that email campaigns are a lot to complain about the limitations set by the ISP for sending mail via their SMTP resources.
If you wish to get more, you can look at the side of I-SMTP.in http://i-smtp.in that specializes in providing solutions for servers & SMTP mail servers online!

I-SMTP.in is open free email server webservice up to 15000 emails / month (or you can have more powerful solutions according to your needs).

No need to have powerful computer that youmust install with a local SMTP server (hardware & software: Linux server with sendmail or postfix, gateway exchange, notes ... most used in the market) which quickly reach their limit of sending or their radiation.

Are you claiming a smtp server software running in minutes and free if possible ?

I-SMTP: SMTP server for free in india mass emailing.

I-SMTP Emailing a Cloud solution in real time. Gone are the SMTP server maintenance: just click "send" and it does the rest.
Our algorithm improves your deliverability and our platform provides indicators driven so you can optimize like never before.

I-SMTP: First SMTP server in india to send emails for free.

I-SMTP lauches SMTP server offers as a SAAS Emailing server relay.
While combining the technologies and operational monitoring, I-SMTP significantly improves deliverability and quality routing of emails sent.

I-SMTP.in launches the first SMTP server dedicated to email marketing in india.

The I-SMTP Emailing Server is available on http://www.i-smtp.in.
The robust and universal SMTP protocol proposed by the ESP (Email Service Provider) are unsuitable for email marketing in web hosting companies.

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, usually abbreviated to SMTP is the communication protocol used to send e-mail. This protocol is both robust and completely universal. It can be used by all information systems needing to send messages (Ecommerce Platform, eService, CRM, business applications).

I-SMTP email solution: An indian Email service provider open for free.

For commercial reasons, the ESP (Email Service Provider) does not provide access to their SMTP server preferring to promote the use of hosted software, or access via the Web or as automated access between applications.

The only way to benefit from an SMTP server is to use the offer of a web hosting company as a dedicated server. However, these servers are definitely not suitable for routing Mass emailing because of a resulting set of spam, put in blacks and inducing list of setup costs and maintenance totally out of reach for most companies.

I-SMTP bulk email sender: The first SMTP server optimized for routing bulk email.

I-SMTP innovates by offering the first SMTP server dedicated to the Mass emailing. Server incorporates several standard technologies that distinguishes a classic SMTP server and offer possibilities to send bulk email marketing.

- Authentication technologies improving deliverability: Declaration SPF, Sender ID and Domain Keys Certification.

- First router to offer Indian SAAS technology to users of its hosted software.

- IP addresses dedicated to quality: the opposite of a standard web host whose IP addresses are often suspect for anti-spam software, the IP addresses of I-SMTP.in dedicated to each customer of email server are the subject to rigorous monitoring, reinforced by a policy of strict eligibility (see below).

- Optimizing the rate of sending recipients by field: to adapt to the receiving server configurations recipients, remittances are tightly regulated. This regulation is pooled across all customers Emailing Server.

- Mass emailing solution & bulk emailing software: with 1 million shipments per hour, the client has access to a powerful and usually reserved solution for high-end infrastructure. This email volumes capability across all customers Emailing Server is constantly increasing.

- Daily monitoring and deliverability postmastering: I-SMTP Emailing Server are monitored 100% by I-SMTP. This supervision covers both server administration with exceptional GTR (Recovery Time Warranty) but also monitoring of the deliverability including support for incidents of possible routings


- A strict eligibility policy: the I-SMTP Emailing Server offer is reserved for address databases for uses strictly opt-in loyalty, CRM and reporting online and only in inda. This policy reinforces the reputation of issuers and the receipt of their emails.

I-SMTP Email marketing software: No need for API for your mass emailing marketing.

Whether the E-merchant, eServices, the CRM or business applications, I-SMTP Emailing Server customers are characterized by a good control of their internal technology and are not wishing to outsource their email routing without having to develop code layers API to communicate with a hosted software.

This simple architecture to implement and allows the customer to better control its back office and reduce its dependence on external service providers.

I-SMTP Email Server: benefit from the flexibility of a dedicated server and the robustness of the smtp technology
Unique offer in inda!

I-SMTP is a free smtp server that democratizes the deliverability of email in india.

The offer in the form of monthly increments of consumption (number of emails / month) can gain much more costs visibility, reassuring the user in its monthly subscription (order notifications and alerts can be customized very consuming shipments of mail usually charged to the unit in an ESP), but not with I-SMTP.

With an initial offer 100% free, I-SMTP also remains true to its mission to democratize electronic marketing for small and medium volumes.

About I-SMTP.in: The best server to send mass emails in india.

I-SMTP, aims to facilitate e-communication and E-marketing for all volumes of email marketing by offering a hosted software accessible via the Web in SAAS. It's efficient and simple.

Used as "self service" by thousands of businesses of all sizes, this offer can be completed to provide support to delegate all or part of the transactions. The I-SMTP Emailing Server offer is intended for companies wishing to integrate directly into their routing information system.

I-SMTP Email Server: How to send mass emails in india.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you press the Send button in your email program? Probably not, I guess, as long as it works. This is exactly the reason why you should wonder, though.

In case something doesn't work it's good to know what does not work. Usually, that's half the solution.

When you send email SMTP comes into play. SMTP is short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol as defined in RFC 2821: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Your mail client talks to the SMTP server using this clean and simple procedure to get email from one place to another. Protocol in india must be respected to make sure all your emails will end in inbox.

I-SMTP Email Server: Protocol to send mass emails in inbox in india.

Your email program becomes an SMTP client, connects to port 25 of your mail server (usually the SMTP port) and says HELLO.
Computers, in the end, are only human and what counts is that it wants to be polite.

Actually, it does not attempt to be polite but to use later additions to SMTP that have brought about two flavors of the later HELLO command (SMTP command generally consist of four characters).

I-SMTP.in Email Server: Become the sender of indian mass email marketing.

The remainder of the protocol really deserves the attribute simple. If you want to send an email, you start with the keywords MAIL FROM:
Following this comes the email address of the sender, as suggested by the from.
Don't forget to put brackets around the address, though (like ).

With I-SMTP.in all your sending email adress will be .IN so that your customers stay confident.

I-SMTP.in Email Server: An indian recipient for mass email solution.

After the server has accepted the sender's address, the client can give the address of the recipient.

With I-SMTP.in the recipient adress will be a .IN adress. Your customers stay always confident.

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